Damn Arkansan

Damn ArkansanDamn Arkansan hails from Northwest Arkansas and specializes in Alt-Country Indie-Rock music. Now on the heels of their third studio release, Save Yourself, Damn Arkansan has drawn comparisons to acts ranging from Wilco and the Jayhawks to Pavement and Ben Kweller. For free streaming visit damnarkansan.com.

“The music of alt-country heroes like Dawes and early Wilco flows through the veins of Damn Arkansan along with a little bit of Ben Kweller’s pop sensibility. The result is a breed of music that bridges the gap between Americana and indie rock.” – Wyndham Wyeth, pastemagazine.com

Shawn James

Shawn JamesBorn in 1986 in the south side of Chicago, Shawn James had a hardworking, kind mother and a gambling, abusive, happy new year 2017 quotes drunk father. He grew up singing in church and was drawn to the emotional and ethereal power that music could have over people. It was there that he found his escape and learned how to harness his unique, soulful voice.

Shawn now lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas and plays a mix of haunting folk and hard-hitting soulful blues. You might catch him playing on the street in the rain some night, rockin at a bar while you get rowdy, or you might just find him performing an intimate set for friends at a house show. No matter where you see him, just make sure you have your eyes and ears open, his performance will be one you won’t forget.

2013 will be busy for Shawn.

The Wolf is the first in a set (The Shapeshifter Trilogy) of 3 concept EPs that Shawn James is releasing in 2013 under the name Shawn James & the Shapeshifters.

The Wolf is a haunting, folk story of a man who was raised by wolves. Shawn’s unique, powerful songwriting mixed with the beautiful, orchestral layers of the Shapeshifters makes for an unforgettable musical experience.

He plans to release The Bear in the springtime and says that it will have more of an old, rowdy, blues sound with swampy, slide guitar.

The Hawk is planned for the fall of this year and will be written on piano.

Shawn James is definitely one to watch in 2013.

Boom Kinetic

Boom KineticFormed around 2006, the band, then called Molten Lava, started as an outlet for members of several established local bands to showcase the prowess as performers and their skill as musicians.

The reception in their joint hometowns of Fayetteville and Little Rock Arkansas was warm as fans of their former bands flocked to see the brand new conglomerate cover new wave 80’s hits with stage rattling energy.

It wasn’t long that the members’ backgrounds in songwriting and recording would come calling, begging for an outlet in the band’s happy new year 2017 ever growing fan base and, soon, the band would emerge again, reinvented and renamed Boom Kinetic to release their first EP featuring all original music taking the stage with white-suited front men sporting sunglasses and working the crowds into a frenzy.

One EP wouldn’t satiate the band’s need to create and another EP was release featuring a more somber music, culminating in what might become the group’s signature sound. A new birth for the band is almost traceable right down to a song called “Math and Science”. A song both epic and intimate, it would serve as harbinger of the band’s new identity.

Boom Kinetic would shuffle off the idea of a cover band and, bringing their resounding success in awing crowds and setting records in their own states biggest venues, be reborn, yet again, as a powerhouse of original music with the 2010 release of their first full-length album, “Part Gray/Part Bright Light”.

The two part album would serve as a symbol of Boom Kinetic’s dichotomy as a band and, at the same time, solidify their position as a group of accomplished songwriters.

As the band continues to work on new music, they have grown the areas the reach performing in Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, New Orleans and many places in between bringing their high-energy alternative pop music to more and more people every week.


I Do Declare

I Do DeclareVoted Northwest Arkansas’ Best New Artist of 2012, i do declare™ has a sound that you will want to put on repeat. Distinct vocals, heart-pounding rhythms, and chilling guitar riffs create a melodic wonderland so comforting and so relative, you are only left lingering for more. The band’s driving beats are sure to get you dancing, and the lyrics tell a story that you will not soon forget.

IDD’s first album, an independent release titled, ‘A Rebel’s Chance’ was written and produced by Pat Ryan Key. Over the course of digital piano reviews five months, Mr. Key spent his time at a home-based studio laying down each track, one instrument at a time. You can hear every bit of the blood, sweat, and tears he put into this project when you listen to this album.

The first single, “Stabbed” has garnered the band much success in which the EP in its entirety discusses relationships and fosters the importance of trust, loyalty, and growth that each of us can relate to. The album was released in Jan. of 2011 and IDD has since performed at many of the local hotspots in NWA as well as performing in Missouri and Kansas.

Describing IDD’s sound is diverse. The band strives for a fresh new sound, an interesting mix that draw comparisons to artists and acts across all genres. Ultimately dubbed as Alternative Rock, IDD is compared to Chris Cornell, Jack White, and The Black Keys to name a few. It is easy to find a sense of familiarity when listening to IDD yet their sound keeps you guessing in hopes of finding a style or band you can categorize them under.

To declare something means to “make known” or “state clearly”. IDD is a solid declaration of staying true to yourself and your dreams whether it is writing new music and playing shows, or bettering yourself in any way. The band is currently working on a brand new, full length album with production beginning in July of 2013. Be on the lookout! They plan to play many of the tricks they have hiding up their sleeve.